The main goal of the Net0Manager project is to improve the skills and competences of EU managers on carbon management, innovating their mindset concerning net 0 approaches and strategies to be adopted within the SMEs to reach one of the “EU 2050 long-term strategy” priorities.

To accomplish that goal, the project comprises the development of:

  1. An innovative 6-fold Net 0 training toolkit offering a modular training path on Understanding of Net Zero concept and acquiring all the necessary skills to truly embrace Net 0;
  2. A Carbon Management Online Training Platform to ensure an open-access and flexible training among adults learners;
  3. A Net0Manager Policy paper to disseminate relevant information and un turn improve regulation on the carbon manager professional profile and its qualifications

The Net0Manager project will deliver this, with the following priorities in mind:

a) Ensuring flexibility of opportunities in VET through adaptable and learner-centred approaches to each learner’s concrete needs

b) Innovation in VET, by designing a set of innovative learning approaches to address VET learners’ diverse needs