Net0Manager has unveiled its latest break through: the Net0Manager Competence Map. This dynamic resource forms the foundation of a pioneering Net Zero training course, designed to equip SME managers, employees, and entrepreneurs across all sectors with essential skills for driving sustainable change.

The Competence Map offers a six-module training path, covering everything from understanding the Net Zero concept to implementing practical solutions: 1. Understanding Net Zero Concept; 2. Possible Responses and Measures to Net Zero; 3. Creating a Plan for Net Zero; 4. Advantages of Becoming Net Zero; 5. Net Zero Across the Value Chain; 6. Communicating Net Zero.

 By providing access to expert knowledge and skills, Net0Manager aims to empower participants to reduce carbon emissions and actively contribute to achieving Net Zero globally.

Ready to make a difference? Read the Competence Map in 6 languages (Italian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Hungarian and Spanish) here. Follow the Net Zero Manager project’s training initiatives and join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can achieve Net Zero standards and create a better world.


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