The results of the Net0Manager project are:

A. Net0Manager training toolkit

The modular training toolkit includes the Net0Manager competence map, the training path and training modules and a training methodology addressed both to managers and trainers who can find important tips for using the training materials and methodologies to train other managers or professionals in the field

B. Net0Manager online training platform

An online open-access platform with resources and tools on Net 0 Management. The platform is a flexible environment (OER training platform and digital contents) where VET trainers and managers can explore and use training material related to net 0 issues.

C. Net0Manager Recommendation set strategy

A Final Policy Brief on the integration of Net0Managers qualification into the Europan VET system.

The Final Policy Brief is mainly addressed to public authorities and VET organisations and consists of: 1) Net0Manager Competence Map 2) Regulatory Recommendations Report for Net0Manager regulation; 3) Collection of suggestions on how to implement micro-credentials in VET organisations applied to the Net0Managers skills and competences.